Pilates is an intense control of the body and mind through a series of exercises intended to strengthen and tone targeted muscle groups.



Test your resilience and challenge your mind with our Pilates workouts. Pilates tones and strengthens muscles while simultaneously improving posture, flexibility, and most importantly the desire to further challenge yourself. Pilates is a unique type of exercise that is able to target specific muscle groups and increase awareness of one’s body.

Pilates originated by Joseph Pilates during World War II where he created a series of workouts that worked simultaneously on the mind and body. He further adapted these workouts for bedridden soldiers, using the bedsprings as resistance, this then became the foundation for the reformer machine.

Pilates has two different methods, Mat and Reformers, both workouts are low-intensity and work on targeting specific muscle groups that work to build up your core. Mat pilates works on using one’s own body weight coupled with specifically designed accessories.

The reformer, is a machine based exercise, which uses different springs to create a resistance based workout. Pilates on a whole works to support the posture and spine by building up the core, which naturally results in a transforming and strengthening the body for a toned look and flat abdominals.

Pilates simultaneously works on the body and mind, for a complete workout that occupies your entire body. Pilates forces you to focus on breathing and exercise, with no room to think about your to-do list, leaving you feeling completely refreshed.