Flo Studio is a woman only fitness boutique that offers Pilates, Yoga & Barre classes.

We have a range of classes for all fitness levels. There’s no reason to be intimidated! You are guaranteed to leave each class breaking a sweat and a big smile.

We offer all beginners introductory classes that are aimed to build up the the body and knowledge needed in order to take more advanced classes. We recommend taking a couple of introductory classes prior to joining a level one class. Alternatively, the fastest way to progress to level 1 classes are through signing up for personal training. Personal training sessions begin with a complimentary posture analysis, which will be able to track your current body situation and progression.

We recommend 2-3 classes a week, but the more the merrier.

Prenatal classes are available for those who are pregnant and we also offer post-natal classes for after child birth. To ensure safety of you and the baby, we require doctor’s clearance prior to joining a class and do not recommend to take classes during the first trimester. It’s critical to fill out the prenatal forms prior to joining any classes.

Good things take time! It’s likely you will feel more energetic after leaving your first class. Weight loss and muscle gain will take more time. Results will come with patience and persistence.

Wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable! Our classes involve a lot of movement so make sure you are able to have full mobility. Fitted clothing is recommended in order for trainers to spot and fix posture and poses. The studio rooms are shoes-free, so make sure to wear cute socks!

Sorry dude, only chicks are allowed at Flo!

Never late, always early! We recommend arriving to the studio 10 minutes prior to your class starting. Each class has a warm-up which is critical to the class. We reserve the right to offer your spot to someone on the waiting list if you’re 10 minutes late. For first-timers we advise coming 20 minutes earlier in order to allow enough time for registration.

Our classes can improve injuries but it’s important to note all injuries to your instructor prior to class. We have instructors trained in rehabilitations classes. If interested please ask our receptionist for more details.

We highly encourage to book classes in advance, our classes have limited spots and have high demand. Book our classes with ease through our website and our mobile application which is available on Android & iOS.

If you are unable to attend a class please inform us 24 hours in advance otherwise you will be charged for the class. The easiest way to cancel classes are through our mobile application.

Yes, we offer packages of 5 & 10 classes, please contact us for more details about our packages and ask for any seasonal promotions.

Grip socks are specially designed socks that have dots on the outer surface for traction in order to make it easier to balance.

Pilates is full body workout to strengthen and tone the body, improve posture & flexibility, ease injuries & body aches. Pilates was invented in the 1800s by Joseph Pilates, devised as a workout to target both the mind and the body.

Mat Pilates uses your body weight and simple equipment during your workout. Equipment based classes, Reformer, uses unique equipment created for Pilates. A reformer is a machine with springs that is used to create resistance while working out. Using the reformer allows for more variety with different types of exercises. Both types of classes are similar in nature, working on targeting specific muscle groups, and both give a great full body workout. We believe to switch it up and get the best of both worlds!

Pilates have endless amount of benefits such as: toning, alignment, strength, flexibility, endurance & stress relief. Pilates works on building up the core which helps support spine and alignment.

Pilates works on toning the body and will definitely change the shape of your body. Pilates coupled with a right diet will help lose weight.

Barre classes consist of multiple exercises that target specific muscle groups. It’s upbeat intense class with exercises made up of a combination of dance, movement and pilates.

Make sure you wear cute socks, as the shoes are coming off (preferably grip socks). Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to stretch and move.

Barre is perfect for those “can’t get rid of problem areas”, because the workout targets specific muscle areas it will help burn the fat and tone hips, thighs, butt, core, and arms. The perfect class to get your beach bod!

Yoga is a practice to better oneself holistically from mental and physical health.

Each class is unique and varies from different physical objectives. Start from a beginner class then explore to find a class that best suits you.

Yes, Yoga helps strengthen the body while simultaneously strengthening the mind.

Our beginner classes will teach the basics of each pose and our instructors will guide you to perfect the harder-to-tackle poses.

Our recommended outfit are leggings and tanks/t-shirts, not too loose in order for instructors to check alignment.

Personal training offers individual attention, where all the focus is on you to perfect your workout. We have individual training, training in pairs with our 1:2 session and trio with 1:3 session. Each package begins with a complimentary posture analysis, which will be used to create customized exercises to improve posture.

Personal training is the fastest way to progress your fitness journey. The most important aspect of all workouts is to perfect the form, and with individualized attention and support you will be able to improve at a rapid pace.

Yes, contact the FLO Fam to know more about private group packages.

FLO offers pre-natal classes designed to create a safe and great workout for those who are pregnant. Prior to joining a class it’s important to obtain doctor’s clearance form. At FLO we don’t recommend taking a class before completing your first trimester.

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