Our Yoga classes work on toning the body, improving breathing and enhancing mind focus. Each class will leave you feeling refreshed and stronger.



Yoga takes a holistic approach to wellness as it incorporates physical training with meditation to achieve whole body wellness and health improvements.

Yoga is an ancient art dated back to the dawn of civilization. Yoga is proven to unite the body and mind which is critical in improving health and well-being. The disconnect between the body and mind, is a common issue, especially nowadays, which is why it’s vital to practice yoga to become attuned to one’s inner self holistically.

Increased flexibility and balance, muscle strength and toning, and improved breathing and mental health are just some of the benefits. Practicing yoga is proven to experience less stress in one’s day to day life and an overall improvement in total body wellness and relaxation.

There are many varieties of Yoga classes from swing yoga to Vinyasa yoga to Ashtanga yoga which varies in pace and movement, but overall guiding you to the same goal of bettering one’s mind and body simultaneously. We recommend trying all of our Yoga classes and to continuously to switch it up, as each class provides unique benefits and fun experience.