Eugenie Gardien

Pilates Instructor

As a 5 year old Eugenie became passionate about ballet, contemporary and modern dance. This continued until her early twenties where she trained with both international and French choreographers. During her time as a professional dancer she also discovered Pilates and it was this that she came back to when she became injured. Continuing to attend classes as a clinical psychology student, she commenced her Pilates Instructor journey in 2019. She is certified in Stott Pilates Mat work and trained in Stott Reformer. Her classes comprise of a full body workout focusing on alignment. She teaches both group classes and private sessions from beginner to advanced level in both French and English. She is a Pelvic Floor Health advocate and is keen to help women post delivery with pelvic floor issues. She is also passionate about Ashtanga, Vinyasa and ART yoga.